LOS ANGELES — Guess? Inc. announced tht its COO, J. Michael Prince; and SVP and CFO, Dennis Secor. Both are leaving to pursue other interests. Prince will remain with the company until Nov. 26 and Secor will remain with the company until Dec. 7. Paul...

How to achieve great color every time By Jim Chase and Ken Peterson "Through informed use of digital technologies, the catalog marketer can achieve better color performance on press and greater control of the final product than were possible using film." — Tom O'Connor, Banta Catalog Group Has this ever happened? You're on a press check, trying to get the color you expected when you sent the job in. First, you work the mid-tones to get a good balance. Bam, your solids and solid overprints go south on you. The olives and plums are too blue, and the oranges are growing

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