Nelson Mandela

In a more overt piece of altruistic product design, Nelson Mandela's 46664 organization, a nonprofit that's focused on humanitarian efforts since 2002, has announced the release of its own fashion line, also named 46664. The line will launch this summer with a dedicated store in Johannesburg and then followed by “other retail stores around the country.”

director of sales centers, HP Home © Profile of Success, Catalog Success magazine, July 2006 Interview by Matt Griffin Catalog Success: When was the catalog established? Nikhil Behl: It was established in November, 2002. CS: What is your primary merchandise? NB: HP's consumer direct business in the U.S., entire portfolio of consumer products. More than 4,000 HP home office and supplies, everything from made to order desktops and PCs, as well as inks and paper. Cameras, printers, fax machines. CS: Where did you grow up? NB: New Delhi, India. I went to high school there. I attended a small private

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