Lisa Yorgey

By Lisa Yorgey Global catalogers continually search for ways to trim the costs associated with mailing catalogs overseas. However, you can shave only so much off of postage and production before you negatively affect response. But by tightening your in-home delivery window, you can save on call center costs. When Peruvian Connection first launched its U.K. edition, it was sending its catalogs from the United States to the United Kingdom by boat. By the fall of 1999, the volume of catalogs it was mailing had considerably grown, and the U.K. catalog business was becoming increasingly competitive. Peruvian Connection contracted with Royal Mail

By Lisa Yorgey With their small populations, the countries of Scandinavia—Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland—have been largely overlooked by U.S. direct marketing companies. European companies that have been more active in this region have achieved excellent results. Former Yves Rocher CEO for Europe Dan Bryzokoupil says that "of the 88 countries Yves Rocher markets in, Sweden had the highest per capita sales figures." U.S. marketers are taking a second look at the area now that the Internet has become a key business channel. Scandinavia is the most wired region in the world, with higher levels of

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