Jack Stack

Problem: Jack Stack Barbecue wanted to reduce shipping errors due to improperly keyed data in its contact center. Solution: The company implemented Data Management Associates’ MACH2K as its order entry software. Results: Order entry errors were reduced by more than 50 percent; shipping errors nearly were eliminated. Jack Stack Barbecue, a multichannel gourmet barbecue products merchant, implemented in 2004 Data Management Associates’ (DMA) MACH2K order management software to reduce order entry errors. A catalog company born in 2003 as a side business to three family-owned restaurants, Jack Stack Barbecue used an order entry system (OES) that required customer service reps (CSRs) to scroll through a series of pages

Chinaberry's winning combination: soft on the outside, savvy on the inside By Donna Loyle Imagine for a moment that your catalog company's main competitors are book-selling giants Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The grueling price wars—behemoths battling for market share tend to inflict that on their industries—are driving the smaller players in your space either to bankruptcy court or to the arms of consolidators. But through it all, your niche catalog company continues to enjoy annual sales growth of about 13 percent—for 10 years running. And, in all but one of

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