Michael Graves, one of America's most influential postmodern architects, is somewhat amused he is now Internet famous for a completely unintentional design—the so-called Hitler teapot. Graves said...

A tea kettle designed by architect Michael Graves, who has a long history of designing consumer products that don't resemble a saluting Hitler, has J.C. Penney back in the news for the wrong reasons yet again. After the Hitler tea kettle story went viral, J.C. Penney took to Twitter to reassure the public there was no intended connection between the product and the Nazi leader. 

Bemused motorists took photographs of the huge J.C. Penney billboard advertising a tea kettle as they drove past it on the 405 Interstate highway near Culver City in California, one of America's busiest stretches of roads. "That Hitler looks like a kettle," commented one user of Reddit, one of several websites where the image was posted over the weekend.

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