Eric Schneiderman

New York's attorney general is scrutinizing 13 big retailers over their staffing practices and whether they require workers to show up or stay home with little notice. The office of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sent letters warning Target Corp., Gap Inc. and 11 others that it believes the chains are using on-call scheduling and that such practices may violate a New York law

eBay said Friday that it has no immediate plans to compensate its customers or offer them free credit monitoring after news surfaced that hackers had gained access to about 145 million of its users’ records earlier this month. eBay is being probed by at least three states for the incident. The announcement comes after New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman urged eBay to provide free credit-monitoring services to customers impacted by the breach.

The attorney general of the state of New York is investigating Macy's and Barneys following complaints from black customers that they were stopped by police after making expensive luxury purchases, according to the New York Daily News. The local New York media has dubbed the practice "shop-and-frisk." The office of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sent letters on Monday to both retailers seeking information on their policies for stopping, detaining and questioning customers based on race, the report said, and gave them till Friday to comply.

On Sept. 19, the New York Attorney General announced a settlement with retail chain Michaels Stores over its allegedly deceptive advertising practices. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman claimed that the arts and crafts giant deceived consumers into thinking they were receiving enormous discounts on certain products when, in fact, they were really paying regular store prices.

Arts and crafts chain Michaels has agreed to pay $1.8 million in penalties after the New York state Attorney General’s office accused the company of using deceptive advertising practices to disguise regular prices as sales discounts.

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