Eric Nash

The U.S. Postal Service is making rate changes in April, both for market-dominant services and competitive products. The USPS received approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission this week. The good news for many small online sellers is that Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express rates are not increasing. But there is negative news for sellers using First Class Package International Service. We checked in with Eric Nash of for help in understanding the impact of the new rates on online sellers.

Shipping carriers raise rates every year, but this year, online sellers who use the U.S. Postal Service got some good news mixed in with the rate changes, according to online postage providers and Endicia, which provide sellers with commercial base rates that are more favorable than regular USPS retail rates. Eric Nash of said Priority Mail rates are going up a net zero percent, for example. In a podcast interview with EcommerceBytes, Nash highlighted some of the instances where rates are actually going down.

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