Eric Engleman wants to deliver your shaving cream to you before you run out. Or before you even realize you need more. The U.S. Patent Office recently approved Amazon's automatic replenishment system that would estimate when you will run out of your shaving cream and send you a message asking if you'd like to order it again. Obviously this goes beyond shaving cream, and could be applied to anything customers would order over and over from Amazon.

Puget Sound Business Journal by , Staff Writer Eric Engleman Staff Writer The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is confirming's controversial 1-Click patent following a re-examination that lasted more than four years. Amazon's 1-Click has come under a lot of fire over the years from critics who question whether such a broad technology should be patented at all. It refers to the process by which online shoppers make purchases with a single click, having previously entered their payment and shipping information. The re-examination of Amazon's 1-Click patent was triggered back in 2006 when a New Zealand actor raised

Puget Sound Business Journal by , Staff Writer Eric Engleman Staff Writer Just days before Apple's iPad hits the market, is caving to more publishers on the pricing of electronic books. The online retail giant just cut deals with Simon & Schuster (owned by CBS) and HarperCollins (part of News Corp.), allowing the two publishing houses to set higher e-book prices, the Wall Street Journal reports. Under the new terms, digital versions of most best-sellers will sell for $12.99 to $14.99, according to the Journal. Those are the same terms that Apple is offering publishers for e-books on

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