Chris Christie

A judge could rule by the end of the week on whether the Jets and the Giants can continue their lawsuit to block construction on the American Dream retail and entertainment complex. Attorneys from the NFL teams and Triple Five, the developer of the American Dream project, met in court Monday to make their arguments. Robert J. Giuffra, an attorney representing the Jets and Giants, said the teams should have a say on any major changes to the project.

Texas joined eight other states in taking legislative action by requiring online-only retailers, notably, to collect state sales tax. Online retailers began collecting sales tax in Texas on July 1. “A true free market is devoid of government preferences and special treatment," said Sandy Kennedy, president, Retail Industry Leaders Association. "Texas has made a powerful statement that it's time to end special treatment for online retailers and close the sales-tax loophole that gives companies like Amazon an artificial leg up on Main Street retailers." 

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced a deal Wednesday that will have build two warehouses in New Jersey that will employ a total of 1,500 workers, as well as collect sales tax on online purchases made by state residents, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. The state is providing tax incentives to Amazon, which didn't say exactly where the warehouses will go. Earlier reports said that one will go in the northern part of the state and the other will go in South Jersey. 

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