Charlotte Smith

Does eBay monopolize payments through its PayPal unit? Sellers filed a class action lawsuit claiming it does. Courthouse News reports that a judge rejected eBay's motion to dismiss the lawsuit in an unpublished order Tuesday. The report appears to be referring to the Smith v eBay lawsuit filed in April 2010 in which eBay seller Charlotte Smith sued eBay over its policy that forces sellers to use its PayPal online payment service.

eBay sellers who filed a class-action antitrust lawsuit against the company last year have until Jan. 27 to file a second amended complaint, a judge ruled. eBay had filed a motion to dismiss, which the judge granted in part and denied in part. According to the lawsuit allegations, "While eBay lists purported alternative payment methods, eBay has through its intentional action made it so PayPal is the only viable option for sellers."

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