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Boston -- Mobile and social marketing platform-provider Zmags said Thursday that The Container Store has selected Zmags Professional to create interactive digital catalogs designed deepen customer engagement across all channels. Container Store will use Zmags to create and publish new Web-based digital catalogs every six weeks, with plans to expand into mobile and social channels, and integrate additional features such as video and audio. "We are in the business of making our customers' lives more simple by offering products that are well designed and ultimately save time," said Catherine Davis, direct marketing director, The Container Store. "Using Zmags, our

The Container Store is introducing themed, interactive digital catalogs to highlight different subsets of its eclectic mix of storage and organization products. A new web-based catalog will be published every six weeks, allowing the retailer to more effectively target specific audiences or shopping seasons. The Container Store also plans to expand into mobile and social channels and integrate features such as audio and video. The newest catalog, Go Organized! Travel Sale, features luggage and travel accessories, with a design that's both online- and tablet-friendly. 

The Container Store, a leading multichannel retailer of storage and organization products, understands the importance of having a cross-channel retail strategy: Developing cross-channel customers pads its bottom line.

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