There they are — the millennials — shopping in the stores of their choice and texting to their friends what's hot and what's not. The retailer has almost no sway in their merchandise preferences — much less color preferences. Trends in fashion are hard to define for them — they're more likely to be anti-trends. They were first called Generation Z, but that didn't fit their DNA. Now they're called "Cybrids." In a recent discussion with Erica Orange, vice president with consulting firm Weiner, Edrich, and Brown, she described the current youth as cyber hybrids, or Cybrids for short. 

In one week, the NFL will start selling apparel made by Nike rather than Reebok. To view this content, Javascript must be enabled and Adobe Flash Player must be installed. Jeremy Hobson: The National Football League draft is right around the corner, but Nike has already been picked when it comes to NFL apparel. It'll take over the job of making uniforms and jerseys from Reebok. Marketplace's Jeff Tyler reports. Jeff Tyler: A week from today, the NFL will begin selling the new Nike team jerseys at a temporary ‘pop-up’ store in Manhattan. Don Brown oversees apparel for the

A British baker was caught short after placing an overly generous discount deal on Groupon. Rachel Brown, who has been in the baking business for 25 years, decided to use the popular site to drum up extra business for her company, Need a Cake, before Christmas.

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