Bridget Dolan

When Sephora launched in the U.S. in 1998, it radically changed the cosmetics buying experience, replacing the controlled department store counter transaction with a hands-on, candy store-style field day for makeup lovers. In recent years, the brand has aggressively integrated digital and in-store retail, and yesterday opened its new Innovation Lab, a team and facility focused on "envisioning the future of retail for Sephora, and making sure that we're staying ahead of our clients and the different trends that are out there," says Bridget Dolan, vice president of Sephora's Innovation Lab.

Sephora North America announced its iPad app is now available on the App Store. The app offers a fully integrated digital beauty experience that brings diverse social feeds into one fun, magazine-like format. The Sephora app also includes up-to-the-minute beauty news and information from Sephora's Facebook and Twitter feeds, its BeautyTalk community, Beauty And The Blog website, and newly revamped YouTube Channel, providing the latest beauty trends and advice.

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