Online retailers and are being sued in Kentucky by a Texas woman alleging that she and millions of other customers were harmed by the release of personal account information.

Gov. Bill Haslam confirmed a sales tax deal with online retailer on Oct. 6, announcing thousands of additional jobs and what he hopes will be the resolution of a long-running dispute within the business community.

Arlington, Va. -- The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) thanked California Governor Jerry Brown for signing legislation that would help level the playing field between online-only retailer and brick-and-mortar stores across California. "For too long U.S. tax policy has favored online-only retailers like Amazon over the brick-and-mortar stores that create jobs and serve our communities, and it's time to end that special treatment and give all businesses the chance to compete and create jobs in a free and fair market,” said Katherine Lugar, RILA executive VP for public affairs. California joins Texas and a growing list of

As 1998's holiday season approached, a record number of retailers sought revenue from Internet sales in addition to their concrete storefronts. But Web-based selling is not yet the golden child of the industry. It still requires a helping hand from other media to ensure that customers can find your site in the massive volume of Web pages. One way to attract attention to your site: Print a catalog. Every November, print catalogs fight for visibility in the holiday shopper's mailbox. In 1998, two companies upped the ante by being different: the Dell Home Systems Catalog and got shoppers off the phone and onto

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