Alexander McQueen

NEW YORK — Saks Fifth Avenue has taken its brand beyond fashion retail with the launch of its redesigned SaksPOV website. Designed to offer a point of view from Fifth Avenue, the company said, the new site will feature multimedia content, designer features, Saks brand coverage and compelling lifestyle pieces. SaksPOV launched initially in December 2010. “We will use SaksPOV as an outlet to engage with our customers and as a portal for our fashion lifestyle content,” said Denise Incandela, chief marketing officer and president of Saks direct. The site includes “blogs we love, guest editors and Twitter followers.

When China's online luxury shoppers click to spend on fashion website, they'll have an option the company doesn't make available to any other customers around the world. FedEx delivery men will wait on the doorsteps of Chinese consumers while they inspect their purchases, try them on for size and decide if the products are worthy of keeping or sending back.

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