Al Langsenkamp

Indianapolis based Sigma Micro LLC and Missouri based Stark Bro’s Fulfillment announce their official consolidation under a new brand; Fifth Gear. The new company will continue to serve the direct retail industry offering outsourced business services, managed ecommerce, and interactive marketing services for retailers and manufacturers of consumer products.

Sixty-four percent of online consumers are unlikely to trust a Web site—even if the site prominently features a privacy policy. A report from Jupiter Communications released in August found that consumers have confused the concepts of privacy and security; they identify security of credit card information, which is their primary concern, as a privacy issue. So what can you do to establish trust on your Web site? Another study from Greenwich, CT-based NFO Interactive asked online consumers who haven't bought on the Web to prioritize attributes that would entice them to make the plunge into e-commerce. The top responses follow. 1. The

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