July 31, 2029

Reasons to Rethink the Online Grocery Business Model

by Anna Johansson

Online grocery is a business model that seems to be exploding. In recent years, national grocery chains have launched both delivery and pickup services, and nongrocery brands have entered the grocery market. For example, Amazon.com has plans to launch a chain of grocery stores by the end of 2019 starting in Los Angeles. In addition…


For Dramatic Lift, Here’s What Your Personalization Strategy Needs

by Andrew Koperwas

There’s a lot of research covering how specific personalization tactics have driven return on investment, but what about quantifying the cumulative effect of personalization across the customer journey? In our most recent Ecommerce Quarterly, Monetate’s researchers analyzed more than 1 million online shopping sessions across our retail customers. The goal was to see whether a…


 Total Retail Executive


How to Reduce Your Return Rate … and Save Money

In this episode of Retail Right Now, Total Retail’s Joe Keenan and Kristina Stidham discuss an article recently published on Total Retail, titled “The Expensive Truth of Free Returns,” written by Iñaki García, co-founder and CEO of size recommendation tool uSizy. The growing rate of product returns, particularly from online customers, is costing retailers billions. Several…


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Macy's, J.C. Penney Both Announce Deals With thredUP

by Joe Keenan

In less than 24 hours, two major department store chains forged a partnership with online consignment giant ThredUp. On Wednesday, Macy’s announced during its second-quarter conference call that it had launched a pilot with the resale site at 40 of its stores across the country. And yesterday, J.C. Penney said that 30 of its store locations would…


Consumers Prefer to Shop Offline for CPG Products: Here’s How DOOH Can Help

by Michael Provenzano

Whether it’s a coffee shop, the train station, or the grocery store, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising effectively reaches consumers at key touchpoints during their offline journey. While Amazon.com and direct-to-consumer brands have dramatically shaken up the retail industry over the last few years, brands and retailers should be wary of solely relying on e-commerce, as…


Retailers Believe in the Power of Artificial Intelligence

by Ashley Chiaradio

Retailers are cautious of emerging technologies, but believe in the power of artificial intelligence (AI). That’s just one of the key takeaways from Total Retail’s 2019 Retail Technology Report, which was produced in conjunction with Arm Treasure Data, an enterprise customer data platform. In this year’s second quarter, Total Retail surveyed its audience of retail executives to…


The Value of a Trustworthy Brand Reputation

And 6 Ways to Make Trust Your Essential Brand Differentiator


BOPIS=ROI: Tech Investments in Order Fulfillment

What retailers are investing in to enable omnichannel fulfillment


The Flywheel Effect in Action: Why Amazon Prime Day Participation is Escalating

by Brian Elliott

Amazon.com’s Prime Day is proving to be a highly effective “flywheel” strategy that boosts Prime subscriber numbers and, in doing so, creates a captive membership community that’s willing and eager not only to participate in future Prime Day events, but also in year-round shopping. Prior to this year’s Prime Day, Periscope By McKinsey conducted research…


Building a Smarter and Cleaner Future for Retail, Together

by George Brehovsky

Hardly a day goes by without the issue of waste appearing in the media. Its impact on the environment is becoming increasingly visible, driving changes in consumer behavior and threatening companies’ license to operate. A Long-Term ‘Dual Challenge’ for Retailers Retailers have been pushing hard to take on big issues like wasted packaging, plastic, food…


BOPIS: Understanding the Growth and Impact of Omnichannel Fulfillment

A look into the adoption, opportunities and challenges associated with BOPIS