July 31, 2029

In the Age of Amazon, All Hope is Not Lost for the Modern Retailer

by Brad Beiter

Fifty percent of total U.S. e-commerce. One hundred million subscribers. Five hundred individual grocery stores. Its own distribution networks. Dare we talk about drones? For most, if not all U.S. retailers, Amazon.com represents a threat to the future retail landscape. But how long can its lead last? Amazon may command the current e-commerce marketplace, but…


Winning With Responsibility in the Holiday Season and Beyond

by Lori Zumwinkle

Consumers aren’t just looking for discounts this holiday season; they’re also looking for retailers to design their products and their business around responsible initiatives. Such are the findings of Accenture’s 13th Annual Holiday Survey, which notes that half of consumers would rather sacrifice expediency than cause harm to the environment. These consumers would pick up…


 Total Retail Executive


Key Strategies to Deliver Seamless Shopping Experiences This Holiday Season

In this episode of Retail Right Now, Total Retail’s Ashley Chiaradio and Kristina Stidham discuss key strategies retailers need to implement now in order to provide the seamless shopping experiences consumers expect this holiday season. These tips are mentioned in a recent article titled, 10 Ways for Retailers to Survive Another Holiday Season, authored by…


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J.Jill CEO Resigns Following Disappointing Q3 Sales Report

by Joe Keenan

Linda Heasley has stepped down from her roles as president, chief executive officer and member of the board with J.Jill after a year and a half with the brand. The news coincides with the report of J.Jill’s disappointing third quarter results, which saw a comparable sales decrease of 7 percent and net sales decrease of…


How Retailers Can Leverage Content to Compete Against Online Behemoths

by Vijayanta Gupta

Today’s “pampered consumers” have come to expect relevant and memorable experiences throughout the customer journey. However, now that the path to purchase winds through so many different channels, platforms and formats, marketers often feel overwhelmed at the prospect of meeting those expectations with the speed and quality required. At the same time, e-commerce giants are…


Micro-Fulfillment: The Future of E-Commerce Fulfillment

by Matt Walker

The speed at which the retail industry is evolving to navigate e-commerce and gig economy disruption is happening far faster than we could have predicted. Gone are the days when shoppers were battling for parking at the local mall to take advantage of a department store sale, or shuffling through the aisles to hunt down…


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The Value of a Trustworthy Brand Reputation

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Target is Staffing Up for the Holidays in an Effort to Beat Amazon. Will it Work?

by Massimo Canonico

The holiday shopping season looks a lot different in the age of Amazon.com. Retailers are battling to win shoppers back from the online shopping giant, and for companies like Target this means adding staff. The Minneapolis-based retailer recently announced plans to hire a staggering 130,000 seasonal staffers to handle things like restocking and customer service…


3 Strategies to Leverage Your Best Customer Service Asset: Your Employees

by Brett Patronasch

Your customers’ store experience — and impression of your brand — starts and ends with your frontline employees. Store associates are directly responsible for delivering your customer service model. Unfortunately, retail work has long had a reputation for low employee morale and high turnover, which can negatively impact employee satisfaction. Retailers have the opportunity to…


Social Media Trends in 2019

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