May 26, 2020

The Bright Side of Retail

It's no secret that the retail industry is beset with a number of challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, not the least of which are brick-and-mortar store closures. It's our responsibility at Total Retail to provide our audience with the latest news and analysis on the industry, even when that seems to be one bad story after the next. Truth be told, it can begin to become discouraging, leaving retailers asking themselves, "Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?"

This issue of Total Retail Report, and every Tuesday issue going forward for the foreseeable future, will answer that question with an emphatic "Yes!" While challenges are all still very much a part of the retail industry's everyday reality, so too are wonderful and uplifting stories of retailers and brands banding together to give back to those most in need in this time of crisis. From monetary donations for COVID-19 relief to manufacturing product and equipment for our front-line healthcare workers, and in so many other ways, retailers are doing their part to help make a positive difference in the lives of so many.

As such, we wanted to use this space to put a smile on our subscribers' faces by highlighting the positive stories emerging from the retail industry during this otherwise difficult time. The Bright Side of Retail is meant to reinforce the positive that's happening within our community, and perhaps inspire others to follow suit. Kudos to the retailers that are included in today's news roundup, and we look forward to highlighting more in this space going forward. Lastly, we want to hear from you with positive stories that we can share with our audience. You can reach me at

Stay safe, be well, and we will get through this together.


Joe Keenan
Total Retail

5 Key Themes From NRF 2022 That Retailers Can’t Ignore

by Hilding Anderson

If there’s one major takeaway from last week’s National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show, it’s that the accelerated evolution of the retail industry and shift to digital channels isn’t letting up anytime soon. NRF announced that e-commerce spending was up 11.3 percent during the 2021 holiday season, providing further evidence that online shopping continues to grow…


4 Things Retailers Can Do to Strengthen Customer Relationships in 2022

by Melissa Tatoris

As marketers prepare for the evolution of how they use consumer data in their campaigns, there’s a massive opportunity to improve customer relationships using more secure and accurate identity alternatives. While there’s much doom and gloom in the media about third-party cookie deprecation, let’s not forget that this event was ushered in by consumers themselves…

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Proven Data Quality Tools to Conquer 2022

Conquer your 2022 ecommerce goals – from achieving frictionless customer experiences, to slashing shipping costs. Melissa’s latest solutions catalog shares leading tools to autocomplete customer data at checkout, enrich records for deeper insights, and find targeted mailing and email lists. Download the catalog today to explore the tools you’ll need to see growth all 2022 long.


The Top 3 Retail Fraud Trends for 2022

by Monica Eaton-Cardone

Digital fraud is growing year-over-year and, more worryingly, it’s also evolving. Like art and fashion, fraud has trends that come and go, with an avant-garde of professional criminals perfecting new styles in their own insular dark web world before they’re ready for the public, where they’re disseminated through social media and word-of-mouth. The most common…

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Wine Access' CEO on Meeting Demand Surges, Product Transparency and Subscriptions

In episode 333 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Joe Fisch, CEO and chief financial officer of Wine Access, a leading direct-to-consumer wine retailer best known for offering exclusive, carefully selected wines from around the world. Fisch discusses the Wine Access business and product offerings, his professional background that led him to join…

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What Is Your Site Costing You?

Retailers aren’t just competing with other DTC brands – they’re competing with every digital experience available online. As retailers continue to embrace a digital-first approach and elevate eCommerce experiences, site performance and conversions are more important than ever before. With Bluecore’s eCommerce Performance Calculator, instantly measure your eCommerce revenue against benchmarks from 400+ brands across retail verticals. Get your benchmarks today.


Investing in Future Growth: A Playbook for Customer Acquisition

Retailers Find More Volume, Less Risk and Higher Margins By Diversifying Customer Acquisition Channels


Supply Chain Woes Won’t End With the Holiday Season, it’s Time to Look Beyond 2021

by Juliana Prather

It’s no secret, supply chain disruption has been dominating the news. While many of the supply chain conversations have been centered around the recently passed holiday season, the issues won’t end in this new year. Supply chain inefficiencies will plague retailers well into 2022 and potentially create ripple effects beyond that. With the tremendous growth…


Supply Chain Impacting Labor Shortage and Sales, Other Retail Predictions

by Rachel Cowlishaw

The retail industry has seen no shortage of changes over the past year, and that’s showing no sign of slowing down as we enter 2022. With U.S. online sales reaching $8.9 billion on Black Friday this year, slightly below 2020 levels, retailers are still struggling to reach pre-pandemic levels, according to Adobe Analytics. As we…

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The Social Commerce Opportunity

This insightful resource from NAPCO Research in conjunction with Bolt, the world’s first checkout experience platform, address how when utilized correctly, social commerce can deliver a higher level of convenience and meet customers’ expectations of a frictionless shopping experience every time.