Amazon.com's high fashion push continues. The e-tailer announced that it's leased a 40,000 square-foot space in what it's describing as the "emerging" neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to shoot product images for Amazon Fashion and the company's two other apparel sites, Shopbop andMyHabit. According to WWD, the idea behind a New York outpost is to streamline the process of on-model photography for the sites and introduce additional online editorial content for Shopbop and MyHabit.

© Profile of Success, Catalog Success magazine, August 2006 Catalog Success: When was the catalog established? Fred Meyers: The company was founded in 1982, and we mailed the first catalog in 1987. CS: What is your primary merchandise? FM: Men's and women's shirts, hats and bags with custom-embroidered logos CS: How did the company get started? FM: The company started as a hobby when I was a college student in New York. The Lacoste alligator shirts were kind of at the height of their popularity. I had grown up wearing the shirts and had always liked them, but as they got to

By Stephen Lett Alsto's. The Company Store. Garnet Hill. Martha By Mail. Williamsburg. Pottery Barn. Frontgate. Good Catalog. The Land of Nod. Linen & Lace. Restoration Hardware. Ross-Simons. Sundance. What do these catalogs have in common? They have all eliminated the use of a separate bind-in order form with envelope typically found in the center of a catalog. These catalog companies employ a lot of smart people, so why would they make the decision to discontinue using a bind-in order form with envelope? What was their thought process? What should you do? This month, we will review the order form in detail

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