Last week, Target came under fire for describing the color of one maxi dress as "dark heather gray" while calling the plus-size version "manatee gray." Now it's caught with another product-naming problem: its Mossimo brand "Orina" sandals. While the retailer initially believed the word "Orina" to mean "peace" or "peaceful" in Russian, about a week ago it found out that it actually means "urine" in Spanish.

By Donna Loyle Before Sherry Comes outsourced contact center duties for her online business, she tried to keep operations in house, with reps answering customer calls only from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. "But customers started saying, 'Come on. You're an Internet company. You should have longer call center hours,'" recalls Comes, president and founder of, a purveyor of gourmet baked goods. So Comes decided to outsource all of her contact center operations, including 24-hour order-taking, customer service, outbound telemarketing and conference calling. The outcome, she says, is that her business has been able to grow without adding staffers to the

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