Santa Rosa, Calif.

Wauwatosa spice retailer Penzeys Spices has opened four retail stores in 2010 and plans to open several more by the end of the year. Penzeys spokeswoman Margie Gibbons and retail experts said the increased focus on home cooking in recent years and Penzeys unique retail atmosphere have helped the company grow despite the recession. Our focus always is on helping the home cook, and I think that has a lot to do with the success right now, Gibbons said. People in general are focused more on the home and family right now. I dont think thats uncommon when the

Catalog established: 1976 Headquarters: Santa Rosa, Calif. # of employees: 16 full-time; number rises to nearly 40 with part-time seasonal workers Merchandise: Learning materials (toys/games, books, child-size household items such as brooms, mops, dust brushes, etc.) used in a Montessori classroom or home to support a Montessori education Customer demographics: Montessori school teachers and administrators, as well as the parents of children who attend # of SKUs: Nearly 2,000 between the main teacher catalog and the smaller parent book

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