Orange, Va.

Orange, Va. -- Wal-Mart Stores has abandoned its plans to build a Walmart Superstore near a Civil War battlefield in Virginia. The retailer’s lawyers made the announcement Wednesday in a northern Virginia court, where a judge has been hearing a case to block the plan. Wal-Mart won local approval to build the store near the Wilderness Battlefield. But preservationists, historians and some residents went to court to overturn that 2009 decision. Opponents say the store would infringe on the site of a key May 1864 battle where historians say the Civil War began to turn in favor of the

Orange, Va. -- Walmart’s next step to open a Supercenter near Wilderness Battlefield in Orange, Va., goes to court Tuesday, as Orange County Circuit Judge Daniel R. Bouton is scheduled to hear arguments on requests for summary judgments from attorneys in the case. If the trial moves forward, a preservation group and local residents who oppose the store will square off against Walmart and the Orange County officials who approved the Supercenter. Opponents claim the store will be built on what was a "nerve center" for the Battle of the Wilderness in 1864. County officials have countered by saying

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