The Chinese city of Kunming has stopped 22 fake Apple stores from illegally using the company's iconic trademark after Apple lodged a complaint with officials. Kunming authorities found 20 unauthorized Apple resellers, 11 of which are being investigated. Two other stores were discovered for related violations.

Two fake Apple retail stores in the city of Kunming, China, have been ordered to close because they don't have official business permits. The stores were allegedly not in trouble for copyright infringement, but only because they didn't have the proper business licenses. Three other counterfeit Apple stores that operate without Apple's authorization remain in Kunming.

Products get knocked off all the time — designer bags, Oscar-night dresses, watches. But entire stores? That's something new. Which is why the internet is going crazy over a blogger's report that three fake Apple stores have popped up in her neighborhood in Kunming, China.

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