Hudson Bay

John Squire is the co-founder and CEO of DynamicAction, a decision intelligence application that analyzes data dependencies across a retailer's organization and presents immediate, detailed actions to drive profitable growth across the business.

Marketing and customer service teams are typically at the forefront of managing customer engagement, but the relationship goes much deeper than that within a retail organization. These five "critical connections" show how teams such as call centers, shipping and fulfillment, and operations can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and avoid losing valuable customers which are critical to fueling the business:

We're less than two months into 2014 and already retailers are making drastic changes to their digital marketing strategies to compensate for an "all consumer" culture. In addition to shoppable windows, subscription-based e-commerce and virtual malls, retailers such as Net-a-Porter are now offering print magazines. With the growing popularity of conscious consumerism and an on-demand economy, retailers need to think more creatively and take a more holistic approach with their brand strategy. Below are three retailers which are taking a creative approach to digital marketing.

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