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When you receive your L.L. Bean summer catalog in the mail this week, Randal Ford hopes you will pay close attention to the cover. Ford, a Texas-based photographer, re-created the classic cover illustration from spring 1956 during a long and difficult photo shoot at Acadia National Park last fall. It shows a father returning to camp with a tired girl on his shoulder and a couple of bass dangling from a line. He proudly displays his catch with an outstretched arm and a goofy smile, hoping to fend off a volley from his wife, who appears none too happy

With 10.1 million people unemployed in the U.S., why buy from China? I recently Googled “catalog” and these sponsored links popped up: SkyMall online catalog Search hundreds of SkyMall products online. Official site. Shop now Newport News Runway-inspired fashions for less. Shop our 2008 styles and trends. Signals Mail Order Catalog Fun & Great Gifts for All Occasions Your One-Stop Holiday Gift Store Crate & Barrel Furniture Find Contemporary Furniture for Your Home Online at Crate & Barrel! — November 11, 2008 Late last summer I ordered two pair of chino trousers

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