Struggling e-commerce site Fab has gone shopping. The once high-flying company, which has recently suffered a series of pitfalls including a round of layoffs last month, announced Wednesday that it's buying One Nordic Furniture Co., a retailer known as the "luxury Ikea" with operations in Finland and Sweden. The deal is the next step in chief executive Jason Goldberg's strategy to design, market and sell private-label goods rather than rely on the products of other brands. 

Uniqul, a Finnish startup, has patented and tested a unique payment system that does away with many security worries about paying for items in a store. In Uniqul's system, your face is your PIN. The company is going to roll out terminals in the Helsinki area soon. The actual mechanism is as simple as it sounds: To confirm a transaction at point of sale, the user simply has to present their face to the camera, watch for their

HELSINKI, Finland (BRAIN)Sales at Mavic rose 15 percent in the third quarter, with strong growth in wheels and cycling shoes, parent company Amer Sports stated in an earnings call Thursday. Cycling sales totaled 28.7 million euros ($40.8 million) in the quarter ended Sept. 30, compared with 25.2 million euros ($35.8 million) a year earlier. In the first nine months of the year, sales for the segment are up 12 percent, from 79.6 million euros ($113.1 million) to 91 million euros ($129.3 million). Amers winter and outdoor equipment group, which includes Mavic, reported a 24 percent increase in sales for

HELSINKI, Finland (BRAIN)—Mavic sales grew 17 percent in the second quarter of the year, driven equally by sales of wheels and cycling soft goods like footwear and apparel, Heikki Takala, president and CEO of Mavic’s owner Amer Sports said in a conference call on Thursday. The cycling segment reported sales of 27.9 million euros ($40.4 million) for the months of April through June, compared with 25.1 million euros ($36.4 million) for the same time period last year. For the first half of the year, Mavic’s sales were up 12 percent, from 54.4 million euros ($78.8 million) to 62.3 million

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