Are your catalog and products unique? Are they loaded with customer benefits? If "yes" to both, are you also telling your benefit and unique story well enough to your customers?

Duluth Trading Co., the outdoor apparel retailer whose marketers rarely have met a pun they didn't like, apologized Wednesday to singer Don Henley for making one out of his name and a song. Henley, lead singer of the Eagles, sued Duluth Trading in October just a few days after the company started advertising its henley T-shirts with the slogan "Don a Henley and Take It Easy."

PATIENT: "Doc, our new owners want to change the catalog so it's more like a series of ads — aspirational, exciting, clean, with attention-grabbing headlines on each spread. They figure ads work to drive sales to their brick-and-mortar stores, so that proven formula will work for the catalog too." 

MINNEAPOLIS — Target has donated $15,000 in monetary support and product to assist with Duluth flood relief efforts. A $10,000 cash donation was given to the American Red Cross Northland Chapter to support their response efforts. An additional $5,000 in gift cards will be donated to local nonprofit organizations for essentials such as water and food. “When disaster strikes, Target listens and acts quickly to help support the needs of our communities,” said Gregg Steinhafel, chairman, president and CEO, Target. “Our thoughts are with the residents of Duluth and we hope our donation will aid in the community’s recovery.”

Steve Schlecht, CEO of Duluth Trading Company, describes himself as an uncanny merchant. Early on he realized that his company isn't just a cataloger, but a web-based and multichannel retailer. He didn't view the digital world as an add-on, but as a way to fundamentally improve his business model in terms of costs and customer benefits. 

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