3 Tips to Take Your Email Marketing Program to the Next Level

By consistently producing the highest return on investment of any marketing vehicle, it’s easy to see why email is a part of most every marketer’s toolbox. The challenge is getting your email message to stand out among the clutter. That encompasses a number of factors, including first and foremost getting your message delivered. After that, catchy subject lines, relevant content, enticing offers, great creative, among other things will determine whether your message connects with consumers.

50 Best Tips of 2011

A compilation of this year’s best and brightest ideas in our annual 50 Best Tips issue.

A Video Commerce Roundtable

Earlier this year, Retail Online Integration gathered together three leading video 
e-commerce experts for a conference call to discuss best practices and trends within the emerging channel that retailers need to be aware of in 2012. Joining us on the call were Justin Foster, John Lazarchic and Jon Schroeder.

Catalog Curb Appeal

When you’re selling your house, you plant flowers in the front yard, keep the lawn mowed and maybe touch up the trim with fresh paint. Your home’s curb appeal catches prospective buyers’ interest as they drive by. You have just a few seconds to convince them to step on the brake instead of hitting the gas. The same principle applies to your catalog covers.

Customer Service Platform Lifts ideeli's Conversion Rate

Launched at the height of the flash-sale craze in 2009, ideeli grew faster than it planned for. Sounds like a good problem to have, right? Well, sort of. The retailer’s rapid growth left its in-house customer service team unable to provide the high level of service that it believed its members deserved.

Eversave's '$10 for You' Campaign Drives New Customers

Daily-deal e-commerce site Eversave hoped to acquire loyal customers for itself and its merchants through a new campaign that focused on quality deals. Eversave, which offers deals in 22 markets across the U.S., ran a “$10 for You, $10 for All,” campaign from Aug. 23 to Aug. 25. The campaign gave consumers $10 to spend on any merchant offering a deal through Eversave, with the $10 in Save Rewards deposited automatically into the consumer’s Eversave account.

How to Recruit the Best Affiliates for Your Brand

Q: “Hello, I’m the co-founder of a new e-cigarette company and new to affiliate marketing. I’m wondering if you could offer some advice and guidance around where to find the best affiliates to promote my product line. Currently I’m running an in-house affiliate program using HasOffers. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!” — Michael Hazard, co-founder and chief marketing officer, Revolution Vapor

HSN Bets on QR Codes for New Customer Acquisition

HSN became the first retailer to use QR codes on-air during a four-day special event last month. The company hopes the test will bring new customers. During the campaign, QR codes were featured on HSN’s HD channel, which currently reaches approximately 43 million households. The event featured hundreds of electronic devices and other products, each with its own QR code.

It's a Man's World

For decades, retailers have been actively targeting women of all sorts: girls, teenagers, mothers, working women — you name it. A look around the retail blogosphere in recent weeks however reveals that a shift appears to be taking place. Retailers are making a concerted effort to reach out to men.

Seeing is Believing ... With Visual Search

Frustrated at getting blank results pages from product keyword searches on retailers’ websites? Think it would be easier to pick out what you’re looking for from a lineup of images rather than describing it via text. Well, it appears you’re in luck.

The Wild, Wild East

China’s economy has been booming as of late. It’s proven prosperous for a once virtually nonexistent majority of the Chinese population — its middle class. China’s middle class is growing in number, acquiring wealth and improving its standard of living at unprecedented rates. Looking out over the next decade or two, the Chinese middle class is expected to wield enormous spending power as it reaches 600 million people to 800 million people — with more than $2.7 trillion in disposable income.

Tips for Increasing Your Mobile Conversions Without Breaking the Bank

Mobile users will give you a lot of leeway on things like design and user interface. What they don’t have tolerance for? Slower-than-death websites. Users expect your mobile site to load fast — within just a few seconds — which means that you’ll likely need to keep your page weights low.