A Look at the Top 100 Retailers' W

Michael Kors 553,161 956,368 73% CVS 7,273,276 10,877,674 50% American Apparel 380,814 534,573

Circulation Strategies to Improve Catalog Response Rates

Will catalog response improve over time to rented prospecting names based on sending the same prospect multiple catalogs? The answer is no. Lots of catalogers mail the same prospecting universe of names multiple times, so there's quite a bit of data out there on the results of multiple catalog mailings to the same households. The most typical response to mailing the same profitable universe of rented names multiple times is that the list either responds the same time after time or the list shows a softening in response as buyers are culled from the list.

Fastest-Growing Cross-Channel Retailers

Michael Kor$362,905,000 60.20%Green Mountain Coffee Roasters $2,650,899,000 $3,859,198,000 45.58%Fra