ROI November/December 2012


14 Things You Should Know About Google Shopping

If you have any sort of search engine optimization or pay-per-click program, chances are you've heard about the "new" Google Shopping. "New" is in quotes because it's not really new — it's just different. To improve the shopping experience on Google (translation: to help Google make more money), Google Product Search recently transitioned into a comparison shopping engine (think PriceGrabber or NexTag) based on product listing ads (PLAs) and will now be known as Google Shopping. Here are 14 things you should know about Google Shopping and how you can use it to improve your customer acquisition program:

50 Best Tips of 2012

A compilation of this year's best and brightest ideas.

6 Cross-Channel Retail Trends to Watch in 2013

While you're likely in the middle of the busy holiday season right now, 2013 is just around the corner. As you begin to look forward to the new year, here's a list of predictions I've put together for what cross-channel retailers can expect come 2013:

Beware of the Cookie Monster

If your company uses cookies — small information files that are downloaded onto a computer or mobile device when a user visits a website which enable the website operator to recognize the user's device and preferences — on its website, and the website is either "designed for the European market" or "provides products or services to customers in Europe," you should be aware of the new European Union (EU) Cookie Directive. Acquires New Customers Via Google Shopping, a Philadelphia-based online retailer that manufactures and sells automotive, marine, patio and power sport protective covers, has seen new customer acquisition as well as its clickthrough rate increase since launching a program on Google's new Shopping platform earlier this year. In addition,'s cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and cost-per-click (CPC) rates have declined since it began using Google Shopping.

Live Chat Proves to Be a Difference Maker for Whiteflash

Selling high-end items online can be challenging, as consumers want to get up close and personal with these products before shelling out a large amount of money. There aren't many purchases that a consumer will make that are bigger than a diamond engagement ring, exactly what Whiteflash specializes in. So the online retailer wisely decided it needs every tool at its disposal to help sell its high-priced merchandise. One tool that's made a dramatic difference in its business is live chat. Strengthens its Mobile Presence With Updated App

With the release of the latest version of its mobile app in September,, an online retailer of wall art, wanted to create better engagement with customers, many of whom had already downloaded an earlier version of the company's app.

Reinventing the Pop-Up Shop

As we're in the throes of the holiday shopping season, chances are you've stumbled upon a pop-up shop while out and about looking for the perfect gift. From Toys"R"Us to PB Teen (an offshoot of Williams-Sonoma) to GameStop, merchants are increasingly turning to the temporary retail spaces as a means to extend their store footprint without the burden of long-term lease commitments. Not quite here today, gone tomorrow, but you get the idea.