All About ROI February 2010


Case Study - Dynamic Images Prove Powerful for Room & Board

PROBLEM: Room & Board, a multichannel furniture retailer, needed an image-serving platform for its website that could provide dynamic images and deploy images of its latest merchandise. SOLUTION: Partnered with an image server software provider. RESULTS: In the year-plus since the image-serving platform was launched, online revenues are up 251 percent, overall company revenues are up 98 percent and it's realized an annual return on investment of 1,340 percent across all channels.

Dont You Forget About Me

The jury will be out for some time on just how much money can be made directly from social media. But retailers rooted in stores, catalogs and the web have worked diligently to explore ways they can squeeze incremental revenue from this emerging channel.

Keeping Customers Happy, Regardless of Channel

Cross-channel retail integration can mean many different things to many different people. It can refer to integrating a brand across a variety of channels, such as retail store, website and catalog, for example, which Brent Niemuth discusses in "The Integrated Shopper," beginning on page 13. Niemuth explains that for consumers to really connect with a brand, they must have the same brand experience online, in-store or with its catalog.

Prospecting - Target, Staples, Wizards of the Coast

Pop-up Stores Attract New Shoppers for Target; Staples' Goal-Setting Program Brings Retailer Prospects; Untapped Networks.

Shop Talk - March 2010

Q: "We've been using Google Ad Manager to serve our internal promotional banners, but unfortunately, the benefits of scheduling, tracking, testing and inventory control can't outweigh the cost of the painfully slow load times it's created. Are there any other solutions out there? Any suggestions or research would be gratefully accepted!"

Tantalize, Tease and Tell (Just Enough) Your Way to Leads

In both consumer and B-to-B direct marketing, one of the most misunderstood processes is creating effective lead generation efforts — whether they take place on the web, in email or by mail.

The Church of Shopping

Such is the hype surrounding Limelight Marketplace, a 25,000 square foot facility housed in a 163-year-old Episcopal church most famous for being the raucous Limelight nightclub in the late '80s/early '90s.

The Integrated Shopper

Retailers must make a concerted effort to get consumers' attention in today's fast-paced environment, where prospects are subjected to hundreds of adverting messages a day. When it comes to brand recognition, integration is the name of the game. For consumers to really connect with a brand, they must have the same brand experience online, in-store or with the catalog.

Top Dog

When it comes to cross-channel marketing, PETCO is at the top of its game. The specialty pet products retailer sells its merchandise in more than 1,000 brick-and-mortar stores across the country and an e-commerce website, regularly using its online channel to bring customers into its stores and vice versa. But the buck stops in the e-commerce department.

Web Exclusive - Stay Close to Postal ... Now More Than Ever

Cross-channel marketers who have historically left postal matters in the hands of their service providers may find that the rapidly changing postal landscape requires more hands-on knowledge and involvement than ever before.