aaROI July


Case Study - Sea Bear

Problem: SeaBear, a direct seller of smoked salmon and other specialty seafood, sought to upgrade its outdated e-commerce site to jump-start online sales. Solution: Completely redesigned its site. Results: Web-placed sales have nearly doubled compared to the old site, representing 40 percent of the company’s overall sales.

Holiday '09 Starts Now

One of the most valued aspects of online marketing is advertisers’ ability to nimbly direct their campaigns through a constantly evolving cyber landscape. Unfortunately, feeling nimble doesn’t mean you are nimble, which leaves the old adage echoing in the rafters: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

How’s Your ‘Tweenspeak’?

hey BF4L chillax — I got the cheddar — cant talk MOS — l8r. If you don’t understand this, you’d better learn. It’s the language of your future.

In Full Bloom

Having come a long way from its modest beginning as a chain of floral shops in metropolitan New York, 1-800-Flowers.com usually has set trends, not followed them.

Letters to the Editor

Everyone’s Eureka; Reinvented Wheels; Outlook Went Overboard & The Authors Respond

Lost in Translation

Can you maintain your brand’s “look and feel” on an outbound phone call? Does your fulfillment packaging reinforce your company’s “one thing”? Is your brand clearly understood in your print catalog, but misinterpreted in your e-mail campaigns?

Make the Internet Work for YOU

That headline seems dated, doesn’t it? Like it’s 1999 or something? Actually, I very much have 2009 in mind. Through the eyes of merchandise sellers of all kinds — retail, catalog, dot-com, B-to-B, brand marketers, all of the above — using the Internet for e-commerce continues to be a work in progress even a dozen-plus years after it hit the mainstream.

Prospecting - Paul Fredrick, GreatSkin, Zappos

Magazine Space Ads Grab New Names for Paul Fredrick; GreatSkin's Unique Affiliate Program Delivers Prospects; Zappos Turns to Magalogs for Leads.

Retail's Final Frontier?

The Internet provides marketers with the ability and responsibility to know their customers in much greater depth than does the retail model. The Web model also enables marketers to exploit that knowledge far more effectively.

Stop Wasting Resources

PATIENT: Doc, times are tough and my resources are scarce. How can I be sure I’m using mine well? How can I avoid wasting time, manpower and money? CATALOG DOCTOR: Focus your team on core efforts, and avoid low-impact tasks that might run your projects off the rails. Start by asking these seven waste-avoiding questions:

The Practical Social Media

You’re too old-school. Why don’t you retire already?” Ahhh … another day, another client meeting. Another fresh-faced punk who thinks he’s a social media expert because he has accounts on Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Twitter — and his ever-so-charming personality on about 50 online dating sites.

What’s Your Internal Site Search Failure Rate?

Savvy shoppers don’t waste time clicking through multilevel navigational menus. Studies show they head right to the internal site search box and type item numbers, brand names or keywords to find specific items. If they don’t know what they want, then they may browse your navigation. But when they know exactly what to look for (or at least think they know), that box is your salesman.