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Greg has a 25-year history in the retail industry with a career spanning merchandising, sales and management. But while at one of the world’s leading supply chain technology firms, he saw a need for retailers and brands to re-engage with consumers to determine which products would be top sellers well before costly investments are made to bring them to market. In 2007, Greg Petro founded First Insight Inc., a technology company that delivers what is now the world’s leading predictive analytics platform for consumer-testing new products. Through engaging consumers online and mining social data, the First Insight platform empowers retailers and brands to introduce the right products at the right price, and target them to the right customers. Today, he serves as its Chief Executive Officer and President. Greg is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as a frequent speaker at the graduate business schools of Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh. Greg also speaks and at a number of industry conferences, where he educates his listeners on how retailers can use technology to identify and deliver what their customers really want. Mr. Petro holds both MBA and Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of Pittsburgh.

Coherent Path evaluated 100 retailers from the Internet Retailer Top 500 list and acquired every email each of these retailers sent to email subscribers who have never purchased a product from July 2017 to December 2017. The company also purchased from each retailer and collected every email sent to them, as first-time buyers, for the first 45 days after the purchase was made from November 2017 to December 2017. Coherent Path then analyzed the communication tactics between a “purchaser” email and a “non-purchaser” email received during this time to determine how retailers interacted with the two audiences. The report also looks at how retailers are performing in other key areas such as email frequency, content and catalog exposure.

Connected consumers expect new experiences, personal connections and instant gratification. And it’s generating seismic shifts in the retail landscape. Brands at the forefront of change are forcing competitors to transform, adapt or even join forces. Alliance Data's Now, New, Next trends report examines how brands are navigating these shifts and countering increased customer expectations. Find out how to put these 2018 trends into action through elevated service offerings, deeper engagement opportunities and innovative connectivity.

As a retailer, you’re most likely in the throes of planning and embracing for what one can only expect to be another ultra-competitive holiday shopping season. Epsilon recently conducted its annual Holiday Shoppers Voice® survey of retail customers to find out what’s on their minds for the 2017 holiday shopping season. The survey asks customers about different aspects of their holiday shopping process and experience from planning and budgeting, marketing influences on shopping decisions, loyalty programs and promotions, social media, and their shopping location. Several questions include comparable results to previous year’s surveys to identify change in shopping behaviors.

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