New Pig Corporation

From Holsteins to Hogs
May 1, 2002

When Doug Hershey graduated from Penn State with a degree in Dairy Science, a career with cows seemed the logical path. A native of Lancaster, PA, and grandson of a dairy farmer, Hershey’s first job was with the Pennsylvania Holstein Association. “I solicited new members, promoted the association and created ads to help members promote their cattle to farmers.” During the four years he worked at the association, Hershey started dating Jill Dorminy (they later married). Through Jill’s church, Hershey met a man named Donny Beaver. About that time, Beaver and Ben Stapelfeld (current chairman of New Pig) bought an industrial cleaning company.

Selecting a Print Location for Your Catalog Version
November 1, 2001

Choosing a print location for your international catalog requires more than throwing a dart at a world map while blindfolded. When marketing overseas, should you print and mail your catalog in the United States or in your target country? An economical solution is based on production, distribution and your marketing strategy, according to Tim Ohnmacht, manager of international business development for printing company Quad/Graphics. Your marketing strategy and mail volume largely dictate your printing and mailing location. For example, if you’re banking on the cache of being an American company, consider printing your catalog in the States and mailing your piece using the

Day With A Pro - Catalog Copywriter (1,290 words)
July 1, 2000

By Melissa Sepos Some people soak in Palmolive dish detergent; copywriter Kevin Kotowski soaks in creativity. Like most writers, Kotowski, partner at creative agency Olson, Kotowski and Co. in Los Angeles, needs to absorb the qualities, the "hook" of the product he will be writing about. A copywriter for 18 years, Kotowski says the majority of his job is spent absorbing. Catalog copywriters need to be able to assimilate vast amounts of information about a catalog's products and philosophy, its employees and its customers. Kotowski says that all this data, or "front-end" work, is