Millard Group Inc.

Direct Media and Millard Group Merge Under infoGROUP Umbrella
June 25, 2009

infoGROUP (NASDAQ: IUSA), the leading provider of data driven and interactive resources for targeted sales, marketing and research solutions, today announced the formation of Direct Media Millard (DMM). Launching July 1, 2009, DMM becomes the industry’s largest provider of targeted prospecting media for the consumer and B2B markets.

What's It Really All About Now?
May 1, 2009

In tough times like these, companies often look for Band-Aids to slap over problems so they can get by. This year we all have problems, and the catalog business isn’t immune to them. In many respects, namely the losing battle they continue to fight with the USPS (although at press time, there was a glimmer of hope for postage to be adjusted downward for larger-volume mailers), catalogers are hurting worse than others.

NEMOA Notebook
March 24, 2009

For those of you who don’t ordinarily attend NEMOA events, they’re usually like minireunions of longtime catalog practitioners and typically have a big "Rah! Rah! Go Catalog!" flavor to them. But the mood and whole underlying tone at the Spring 2009 NEMOA Conference held a couple of weeks ago in Boston was different from any NEMOA event I’ve ever attended.

May 1, 2008

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Free Shipping Holds Value, Survey Finds
March 11, 2008

When preparing their next offers, multichannel marketers may want to take a second look at the value of free shipping. Its appeal to consumers appears to be growing. Such was the finding of the seventh annual Post-Holiday Customer Insight survey conducted by Decision Direct Research, the marketing research division of the list company the Millard Group. Of the 73,000 consumers who completed the recent survey, 61 percent said free shipping spurred them to shop from catalogs, and 53 percent indicated free shipping was the driving force in getting them to shop on a Web site. Here are some more noteworthy findings of the survey:

The infoUSA-Direct Media Deal: The Experts are Buzzing, What’s Your Take?
February 1, 2008

The news of infoUSA’s acquisition of Direct Media sent the combined reaction of total expectation and shock waves throughout the catalog/multichannel list industry. My own opinion is that this deal was to be expected considering the path that infoUSA has been going in recent years. Direct Media joins the infoUSA stable that contains Millard Group (including its most recent pick-up, Mokrynskidirect), Edith Roman, Rubin Response, Walter Karl, JAMI Marketing Services and American Church Lists. Then again, it’s a little surprising considering that Direct Media was sold to Acxiom nearly 12 years ago, only for Direct Media’s management team to buy the company back four

Consumer Praise Lessens for Marketers’ Web Sites
December 11, 2007

As the focus of many multichannel catalogers shifts to online sales, it appears many of their Web sites aren’t prepared to handle increased quantities of orders. In a recent survey conducted by Decision Direct Research, the marketing research arm of list firm the Millard Group, consumers said product selection from specific brands meeting their expectations is decreasing. Of the nearly 50,000 online shoppers who completed the survey, 65 percent indicated that product selection doesn’t match what they’ve come to expect from specific brands, a 10 percent drop from last year. Other highlights from the survey follow. * “Excellent” scores for the “unique product not

Special Report: More Web, More Print or Both?
December 1, 2007

While technology makes many things easier, it also can complicate your job. And as the Internet — and all that goes with it — has evolved over the past dozen years or so, catalogers’ jobs have become a lot more complex. Beyond merely becoming e-commerce and multichannel marketing experts, catalogers must pay closer attention to analytics and constantly reconsider how they allocate their marketing budgets. Ask any multichannel merchant and you’ll hear the same thing: The rubber stamp has no role in making marketing plans these days. The ongoing changes in e-commerce force catalogers to constantly reinvent the wheel. Add the killer postage increase

Tofu or Steak? Critic Picks Apart Several Catalogs
October 2, 2007

In a session during the recent NEMOA conference in Portland, Maine, that had catalogers ducking for cover, Bill LaPierre, senior vice president of the Millard Group Inc., list brokerage division, provided a veteran’s critique of several catalogs he recently observed and of the catalog/multichannel business at large. His overall finding? Today’s catalogs are boring! LaPierre pulled no punches as he picked apart catalogs, referring to them as “tofu” (lacking in flavor) or “steak” (full of flavor), though he found plenty more tofu than steak. He provided tips primarily focusing on creative design. * Adapt, make timely changes to your catalog. LaPierre praised Cuddledown’s

Are M&As in the List Biz Good for Mailers? Panel Squares Off
August 7, 2007

The recent surge in company mergers and acquisitions within the list and database industry has spurred constant debate. Some believe these acquisitions will help strengthen the industry with better, more powerful resources available to clients. Others fear they’ll lessen the core quality needed to serve catalogers and other customers — service. At last week’s DMA List Day in New York, a panel of list industry leaders — John Healey, president/CEO of PRIMIS; Ed Mallin, president of infoUSA Services Group; and Lonnie Mandel, president/CEO of Specialists Marketing — attempted to shed some light on the recent developments, primarily infoUSA’s flurry of acquisitions over the past