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4 Tactics to Keep Your Business From Losing Customers
December 16, 2014

As an online retailer, there's nothing more soul crushing than watching your existing customers abandon your business to go to a direct competitor for a similar product or service. Not only does it affect your bottom line, it's morally demoralizing and can make you question whether your product or service is measuring up to the competition. Fear not, a lot of the time the issue lies in how you've structured your online presence, and has less to do with the product or service you're offering. Here are just a few ways you can protect your business from losing customers to its competition:

Best Buy launches customer magazine - Stores
July 22, 2011

  The first issue of the publication, entitled ‘Lovetech’ , will be distributed as an insert in the London edition of The Daily Telegraph. Advertising space has been sold to Best Buy suppliers and brand partners. Future editions of Lovetech , whose target audience is to be 20-40 year olds, will be distributed in 10 of the brand’s UK stores. In addition to the glossy print edition, an e-catalogue will be available on the Best Buy UK website. The magazine will be produced in partnership with August Media and will

Creative Can't Be All Things To All People
February 21, 2005

Get to know your customers, who they are and what they want. Focus on what your customers are saying to you, as well as what they do when they buy from you. —Alexandra MacAaron, principal and creative director, Plan B Marketing Communications

Benefits Beat Creative Every Time
January 31, 2005

Don't let clever creative in your catalog or e-mail campaigns overshadow the products themselves. Customers often know what they want, and it's often better to just show it to them than present it too flashily. —Alexandra MacAaron, principal and creative director, Plan B Marketing Communications