Credit Crisis
December 1, 2010

New marketing vehicles such as the iPad bring cross-channel retailers innovative ways to reach consumers. But they also complicate life, making it a challenge to get a clear picture of which marketing activities are driving the most traffic to a website.

Test How Offers Can Grow Your Brand
September 1, 2010

Regardless of the channels in which you sell, testing is invaluable to your business. And offer testing, in particular, is misunderstood in both practice and power. Yet testing seems complicated and time consuming. Is it worth it? The answer: You can't afford NOT to test.

5 Creative Catalog Techniques That Save Paper Costs
March 2, 2010

All catalogers want to capitalize on the recovering economy, but they're most likely still constrained by pretty tight budgets. To help catalogers learn how to prioritize their needs and tailor their printed catalogs to maximize revenue, All About ROI presented a Feb. 16 webinar called "Ways to Get More Bang for Your Paper Buck: How Combining Your Priorities and Paper Innovations Can Save You Money in 2010."

Master Marketer - Reward Loyal Customers ... And Yourself
March 1, 2010

Most multichannel sellers have a small group of extremely loyal customers who buy year in, year out, or come back annually making substantial purchases. These are your biggest fans, and you'd be surprised to realize how much more they spend than your other customers, and thus how important they are to you.

Shop Talk - Q&A; Web Content
December 1, 2009

As the economy creeps back and holiday season is upon us, the $64,000 question is whether consumers will start buying again. Lee Eisenberg — best-selling author, former Lands' End executive and former Esquire editor — certainly thinks so. His new book, "Shoptimism: Why the American Consumer Will Keep on Buying No Matter What," released in October, explores Americans' love affair with shopping. All About ROI asked Eisenberg his thoughts behind the book and his outlook for all forms of retail.

Planning 2010: The Game Has Changed
November 1, 2009

For most multichannel retailers, developing marketing plans and budgets for 2010 is a daunting task. After two years of tough economic climates that meant sales reductions and downsizing for many, now’s the time to build a plan for another — perhaps better, yet uncertain — year.

Shop Talk - Marketing - Make Branding & Selling Work Hand in Hand
September 1, 2009

Everyone in business has to sell. In the long run, it's what keeps you alive and growing. Yet there are times I hear clients say they're willing to give up sales to support the brand. Are you kidding? Never! That's evidence of grave dysfunction between creative and marketing.

Editor’s Take: Desperate or Shortsighted?
December 1, 2008

For my final column of 2008, I thought I’d examine the results of some recent reader polls we’ve run on CatalogSuccess.com, hoping a few positives might come through. Well, I tried, but found mixed results at best. After each discussion below, I give a little “mood” rating between one and 10, with 10 being highly optimistic and one being pessimistic. Holiday Sales Projections: Although the smallest percentage of readers (19 percent) were planning on a “decent size” increase, 26 percent were planning for a slight increase, 29 percent expected flat sales and 26 percent planned for a decrease. All things considered, these numbers