Garrett Wade

Special Report: Catalog Marketing Action Plans for 2007
February 1, 2007

Just a month into the new year, catalogers have a mixed bag of enthusiasm. On the one hand, the economy appears strong and consumer spending is solid. On the other hand, there’s another postal rate increase going into effect during the first half of the year. Catalog Success caught up with several mailers and industry observers to give you an idea of which multichannel prospecting strategies may be best for you this year. Prospect With Caution No surprise: Feelings differ about how catalogers should prospect in 2007. “I’m feeling particularly bullish this year,” says Tim Kiss, director of enterprise direct marketing for The

STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE: Catalogers Sound Off About 2007
February 1, 2007

To get a sense of how 2007 could play out on catalogers’ pocketbooks and growth aspirations, Catalog Success asked a few catalogers what they expect for the coming year. Catalog Success: How will your implementation of multichannel marketing strategies change this year compared to last? Tim Kiss, director of enterprise direct marketing, HoneyBaked Ham: We’d like to test dual channel offers. Most of our catalog and Web customers buy HoneyBaked as a gift. We’ll test discounts for money off when you buy for your family at one of our stores and send HoneyBaked as a gift. Phil Minix, president, Astral Direct: Our multichannel strategies

May 1, 2006

By Carolyn Heinze In recent years, managers and brokers have been playing a larger role in catalogers' success. List brokers and managers have been offering value-added consulting services to catalogers for several years. But as competition intensifies and catalogers' budgets continue to tighten, list firms have had to step up to the plate to give mailers more services than ever before. Help for Smaller Catalogers Take, for example, Garrett Wade Co. The seller of high-end woodworking tools and accessories signed on with Millard Group last fall, and its senior vice president, Pete Segal, notes that Millard offers a more hands-on approach than other services

Tools of the Trade
January 1, 2005

Garry Chinn, president and founder of woodworking and hand tools catalog Garrett Wade, is no stranger to success. Profitable only six months after its inception in 1975, his business rode a wave of renewed interest in woodworking, thriving even in the midst of a recession. While it’s tempting to say success came easily, transitioning from a profitable startup to a thriving catalog was no small feat. Kicking off our reinvented “Profile of Success,” Chinn shares with Matt Griffin, associate editor, his biggest challenges through the years and what he thinks makes Garrett Wade special. Catalog Success: What has been your greatest career challenge? Chinn: