Dell Computer Corporation

E-commerce: Unconquered Territories
June 1, 2001

After faltering at the starting block, online procurement might have found the magic combination to finally make businesses sit up and notice: indirect buying. And PC giant Dell Computer is leading the pack. Businesses have resisted online buying services until indirect e-procurement arrived on the scene mostly because open buying was slow and perceived as less-than-secure. E--procurement is the purchasing of support goods and services through an online, private customized catalog. The catalog contains products a company is interested in, and has approved for employee purchase, as well as a company’s negotiated pricing. According to AMR Research, the worldwide market

Merchandise Spotlight-Computer Catalogs (1,078 words)
October 1, 1999

Marketing Computers by Catalog "Prospects want quarter-inch holes, not quarter-inch drills." —MBA Magazine I learned to touch type on an old office Remington in the summer of 1954 at Browne's Business School in Rockville Cen-tre, NY. Today, I can operate a computer keyboard—the very same QWERTY keyboard on which I learned to touch type—at somewhere around 60 w.p.m., maybe 70 w.p.m. if I'm fresh. When I interview people for articles, I use a laptop and can ask questions, maintain eye contact with my subject and my fingers fly over the keyboard. I don't use a