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Inserts Are They Still Worth Your While?
July 1, 2006

By Gretchen A. Peck Some practical, modern insert media tips for catalogers. Postal rates went up earlier this year, and they're expected to rise again in about another year. For catalogers looking for ways to offset some of their distribution costs, the time may be right to launch an insert media program or ramp up an existing one. "One of the main challenges for any mailer right now is that you only have so many promotional dollars to acquire new customers," says Garrison Cummings, circulation analyst for Miles Kimball, a general merchandise cataloger. "With postage rates going up, you have to look down other

Postal-Mailing Solutions
October 1, 2002

Want to raise productivity levels in your mail and call centers? Who doesn’t—especially in the wake of the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) latest round of rate increases. To be sure, postal/mailing solutions encompass a vast array of products and services. Here we offer a small sampling of the numerous technology applications designed to save your company’s mail and call centers time and money. This list, while far from exhaustive, includes software that you can purchase, free applications available to customers of some outsource providers and Web-based application service providers. When known, we’ve included some cost estimates for these solutions and services.

The Bindery - From Print to the Doorstep (1,069 words)
July 1, 2000

Take a look inside the bindery to understand what really goes on By Tom Benedict The success of a consumer or business-to-business catalog is greatly enhanced through the ability to develop strategies that target specific customers. At the core of these strategies is the mailing list. A tremendous amount of research and cost comes into play in determining which customers should receive what offer and how to direct that customer to a specific merchandise offering. Once the appropriate list analysis has been completed and the list contains vital marketing data designed to reach these customers,

A Curriculum for Cross-media Cataloging (912 words)
January 1, 2000

By Scott Shrake A Curriculum for School Specialty Inc.'s operations integration begins with a course in digital content management for print and Web catalog production Nationwide, teachers and school systems must equip classrooms with educational tools from globes and glue sticks to building blocks and Bunsen burners. These educators might tip a collective cap to companies such as School Specialty Inc. (SSI), an Appleton, WI-based distributor of non-textbook school supplies and furniture for pre-kindergarten through secondary education. SSI offers more than 66,000 products to schools throughout the country using print and online catalogs. Having grown considerably through acquisition, the company currently comprises

Creating a Winning Catalog
May 1, 1999

Cataloging is not a beauty contest. Catalogers are in business to make money, so it’s not always the prettiest catalog that gets the best response or sells the most merchandise. While an aesthetically pleasing catalog works for apparel and home furnishing offerings, for some types of merchandise, a less pretty, more product-dense approach works better. The Damark catalog, featuring electronics and computers, is one such example. Damark focuses on product and price. It uses inexpensive paper instead of thick coated paper. It includes simple product shots instead of fancy spreads. It utilizes short, benefit-driven copy instead of long-winded, story copy. And it works: