Amazon Adds Feature to Help Sellers Resolve Negative Feedback
April 18, 2012 added a new option for sellers who wish to contact buyers about negative feedback. The "Resolve" feedback button in Feedback Manager allows sellers to email buyers directly to begin resolving any problems with an order. The button is available only when a buyer posts a feedback rating of one or two stars. "If you receive negative buyer feedback, it is important to quickly determine the cause of the problem and work toward resolving it with the buyer," the company said in its announcement to sellers. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Content Delivery Network
April 11, 2012

With site speed playing such an important role in time spent on site, conversion rate and ultimately revenue, online retailers need affordable and reliable CDNs that guarantee significant site performance gains. Taking the time to evaluate CDN technologies and costs helps ensure a great customer experience, whether on a slow traffic weekday or during a product launch that drives iPad announcement traffic levels.

How to Use Custom Combinations in Your Retargeting Efforts
April 5, 2012

So you're looking through Google Analytics and notice that you're losing some remarketing visitors on the shopping cart page. Or maybe you rarely or never have repeat customers and don't want to serve ads to people who already purchased. How can you tailor your remarketing strategy keeping those issues in mind? Custom combinations allow marketers to combine remarketing lists to reach a more targeted audience.

Sears Bets its Future on Technology
March 16, 2012

Back in February of last year when Sears Holdings named Lou D'Ambrosio as its new chief executive, it was clear that the decision was made because of his background in technology. 

What Technology Has in Store for the Retail Industry
February 7, 2012

Retailers have countless opportunities to creatively reach consumers through mobile devices — and it's not just limited to smartphone users. One-hundred percent of all mobile phones receive text messages, which means retailers can effectively reach customers and prospects to engage them on a personal basis. Consumers expect instant gratification in their multichannel interactions with retailers. There are many more social ADD consumers that would rather text than talk; they're very comfortable using mobile devices to buy things online.

Gain Additional Sales by Taking a New Approach to Remarketing
December 20, 2011

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most pervasive concerns among online retailers, and with good reason. According to a study from Listrak, 75 percent of your site visitors will likely leave without making a purchase, and 85 percent of the top 1,000 online retailers are doing nothing to combat this growing issue. If you're investing in channels to drive traffic to your site this holiday season, take advantage of the opportunity to add value to your campaigns and maximize return on investment by using your existing AdWords Conversion Tracking pixel to remarket to past converters.

5 Steps to Protect Your Business Against Retail Theft
December 13, 2011

Retail theft (i.e., shoplifting and dishonest employees) continues to be a much greater problem than many people realize. These losses are responsible for higher prices paid by consumers and even store and company closures due to the profit drain. To prevent your business from becoming part of these statistics, there are steps you can take to limit retail theft losses:

SKLZ Uses Online Video to Boost Site Traffic and Sales
November 14, 2011

The vision for the SKLZ website, which receives more than 100,000 visitors a month, is to inspire athletes to develop their skills. To meet that vision, the retailer made a commitment to add videos to its site and drastically expand its library of training-related video content. SKLZ believed that if athletes could watch instructional videos that incorporate its products, then they'd be more likely to see SKLZ as a legitimate source for training.

In Japan, RFID Clothing Hangers Sell Harder Than Sales Clerks
October 18, 2011

It's easy to avoid pushy sales clerks when shopping for new threads. A department store in Japan now uses inescapable RFID-equipped clothing hangers to try to sell you other products and accessories when you take a garment off a rack.

Sears and Skype Team Up 
in the Dressing Room
October 1, 2011

The time has come: my college roommate is getting married. I’m extremely excited and happy for her and I have the honor of being a bridesmaid. The problem is I live in Philadelphia and she lives in Syracuse, N.Y. — a little over 250 miles away. That doesn't exactly lend itself to jumping in the car on a Saturday for a quick dress fitting. If only her selected bridesmaid dress was from Sears and we both lived in Canada ...