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How Big Data Helps Macy's and Kohl's Track You Like Never Before
January 27, 2014

As to be expected at events in any industry, executives at the National Retail Federation's Big Show earlier this month lapsed into lazy talk, bandying about vague notions such as "customer-centric solutions," while ticking off hot retail buzz terms like "personalization" and "omnichannel selling" without always delivering concrete examples of what those terms will mean in 2014. But along with the nebulousness came some meaty insight on what's poised to revolutionize how retailers serve shoppers: big data. IBM Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty did a good job of demystifyng the concept. 

Geolocation to Create a New Form of Clientelling In-Store
December 11, 2013

High-end fashion brands have been replacing decades-old clientelling methodologies (e.g., black books and handwritten index cards) with iPads and customer management systems that provide employees access to customer information on-the-go. Mobile technology enables store associates to both offer the right product or service to consumers at the right time and to transfer customer ownership into a centralized database instead of storing it in the employee's head. In high-end retail environments, where a one-on-one shopping experience is the norm, arming individual sales associates with mobile devices can help increase sales.

Now In Apple Stores: IBeacon Location-Tracking Technology
December 6, 2013

Apple's iBeacon devices have the potential to change many aspects of shopping — and to demonstrate its commitment to the idea, Apple is turning on the iBeacons in 254 of its Stores across the U.S. today. The iBeacons, 20 of which are said to be in NYC's Fifth Avenue store, will connect to the

50 Best Tips of 2013
December 1, 2013

Rounding up the year's best tips to help you optimize your business.

PayPal to Enable In-Store Payments
October 9, 2013

PayPal will introduce a new way for people to pay for goods in-store with their phones in another bid to extend its business beyond online retailers. The Payment Code feature, announced yesterday, will allow PayPal users to pay for things in physical retail stores by scanning a QR code generated in the app, or by using a one-time four-digit code in stores that use PIN codes but don't have a scanner.

PayPal Cozies Up to Retailers With Showrooming-Busting Offer
October 4, 2013

PayPal is teaming up with a handful of retailers, including Levi's, Aéropostale and maurices, with a time-sensitive offer for free shipping, highlighting the importance of incentivizing consumers with mobile and web offers to beat showrooming this holiday season. PayPal is offering consumers who shop on retailers’ mobile sites, applications and websites free two-day shipping through Nov. 1. In addition to educating consumers about alternative payment types, the marketing move will also help PayPal form closer relationships with retailers as the company makes a bigger play to capture real-world transactions.

How Cloud-Based Payment Platforms Are Changing the Way Retailers Do Business
July 3, 2013

Historically, the payments ecosystem has been disjointed and time intensive, creating tremendous operational inefficiencies. With so much riding on payment performance, merchants are seeking simpler, streamlined payments solutions that can accommodate geographic growth and new demands to adapt quickly and seamlessly to the constantly evolving retail landscape.

7 Ways Retail Stores Must Change to Attract Mobile Consumers
June 18, 2013

Only a few years have passed since retailers finally became comfortable with their transformation to e-tailers. Now they must shift their point of view again, becoming what we might call "see-tailers," as the physical retail store assumes the role of a showroom, with consideration selection and transactions all conducted online through smartphone apps or mobile websites. Rather than visit stores to compare prices or find new styles and products, consumers are using stores to see, touch, taste or smell a product they've already targeted, then are leaving to order the item online.