Online Marketing

RadioShack Campaign Finds Proximity Matters, But Not the Way You'd Think
June 4, 2012

Conventional wisdom suggests that putting a mobile ad as close to the point of sale as possible is, for all the obvious reasons, the smartest local mobile targeting method. Geo-fencing and location profiling are, after all, two of the hottest areas of mobile ad tech right now. We presume that proximity aligns best with either intent or opportunity. Suprisingly, the highly geotargeted campaign of banner ads and mobile circulars actually enjoyed higher clickthrough rates when the user was furthest from a RadioShack.

Gilt is Guilty of Exclusion
May 18, 2012

I've always thought of ladies with bags covered in designer logos as walking advertisements. However, I understand and appreciate the high-quality materials and level of craftsmanship that comes with the premium price tag. Being one who is drawn to deals and always wanting a bargain, I turn to flash-sale sites to look for designer goods. Recently, I visited, a flash-sale site that offers lower prices on luxury brands, and found the perfect bag for spring. I definitely felt guilty for coveting a tote that was equal to two round-trip tickets to the Caribbean. 

Infographic: Are You Running Enough Tests on Your Website?
May 16, 2012

The No. 1 goal for online retailers is to consistently deliver engaging website experiences. In order to accomplish this, marketers must execute multiple test campaigns simultaneously to discover which offers, messages and presentations create a winning formula. 


Amazon, Zappos, Victoria's Secret Among Brands Most Admired by Retail Executives
May 11, 2012

Brands including, and Victoria's Secret were among those mentioned as most admired by a panel of leading retail marketing and e-commerce executives during the FOCUS 2012: Trends in Digital Media — E-tail & Retail half-day conference presented by the Retail Marketing Society on May 9 in New York City.

The Key to Success? Personalization, Say Leading Retail Executives
May 10, 2012

FOCUS 2012: Trends in Digital Media — E-tail & Retail, a half-day conference presented by the Retail Marketing Society yesterday in New York City, featured a panel of retail marketing executives discussing best practices around how to monetize the digital consumer experience. A key topic that panelists universally agreed on was the importance of data to retailers and how, when used correctly, it can help create a personalized experience for consumers.

Magazines Get Serious About Ecommerce
May 1, 2012

Magazine publishers are rapidly getting serious about ecommerce. Earlier this month, Time Out New York, a weekly print and digital magazine covering entertainment in New York City,began selling event tickets through its website and iOS apps. And last week, Time Inc.-owned Real Simple magazine released a mobile gift guide that allows users to shop directly from the app. The next day, Elle magazine launched a shoppable trend guide on Facebook that encouraged users to make purchases on advertisers’ websites.

Amazon Guilty of Exaggerating Prime Video Counts
April 13, 2012 drew flak on Thursday after it was accused of and later confirmed inflating its Amazon Prime video catalog. The retailer acknowledged to Fast Company that it counts each individual TV episode as a show, leading to just one long-running TV series representing a large part of its catalog. A roster of 17,000 titles claimed by Amazon amounted to 1,875 titles, all but 150 of which were movies. Netflix, Amazon's main competitor in subscriptions, consciously avoids mentioning numbers partly out of honesty.