How to Make the Most of Presidents Day Campaigns
February 17, 2011

Between Jan. 1 and the present, searches for the term “presidents day sales” have increased by almost 100 percent. Queries for “presidents day deals” have grown over the years, and this observation is worth advertisers’ time. Creating new ad text and having a coupon code for shoppers looking to score a bargain this weekend may be valuable.

Augmented Reality Presents Many Opportunities for Retailers
February 17, 2011

So-called "augmented reality" is the overlaying of digital information onto the real world, and everyone from game designers to retailers to health care companies to estate agents are gearing up to use it. While the potential for such technology to change the world is vast, the biggest challenge for its backers will be to convert this virtual revolution into rock-solid profits. Fortunately, there are countless ways this can be achieved, but not all are immediately obvious.

How Retailers Can Use Video More Effectively
February 16, 2011

Adding video to e-commerce sites is a way for retailers to provide consumers a better look at products, an explanation of how they work and other information. Research shows video increases conversion on retail sites, and even decreases the number of items returned. And it’s one of the fastest-growing content types for online merchants.

Did Groupon's Super Bowl Ad Hurt its Image?
February 8, 2011

Daily-deal giant Groupon intended to increase awareness among the millions of viewers watching Sunday night's Super Bowl XLV. Some industry experts believe the commercial may have been a misfire.

Video: Facebook Fans to Get More Expensive
February 4, 2011

Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media, explains why marketers are spending more money on acquiring Facebook fans, and why it's worth the investment now.

Banana Republic Lights Up the Big Screen
February 3, 2011

Banana Republic announced that as part of its spring 2011 marketing campaign, "Journey in Style," it will debut its first film trailer in select movie theaters and online. The campaign will also be featured in other media including print and store displays.

DMA Launches Enforcement for Online Behavioral Advertising
February 1, 2011

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) announced that it's beginning enforcement activities to ensure industry compliance with the Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising, which the DMA launched with its association partners in October 2010. The program gives consumers enhanced notice and choices about the interest-based advertising they receive, and gives businesses a clear road map to compliance with the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising that were released in July 2009.

Free Whitepaper: Multi-Store Strategy for Online Retailers
January 25, 2011

Using a multi-store e-commerce strategy can significantly increase customer acquisition, loyalty and conversion rates. Leading online retailers are currently benefiting from an effective multi-store ecommerce strategy, now is the time to learn how.

Video: Kids Predict Future of Retail Marketing
January 17, 2011

Careening out of the canyon of confusion that was 2010, we come face-to-face with an alien marketing landscape of owned media, geolocation and real time. What do these strange terms mean? What do they demand of marketers in retail? Are we facing another year of social media-driven craziness?