Wal-Mart Looks to Poach Amazon's California Affiliates Amid Tax Dispute
March 3, 2011

Wal-Mart has made a push to capitalize on Amazon’s ongoing tax troubles in California, by reaching out to the online retailer’s business partners. In a public statement, Wal-Mart said that it was “committed to supporting the affiliate programmes which help to drive's online business.”

J.Crew Approves Buyout Deal
March 2, 2011

J.Crew will once again be a private company after shareholders approved a $2.86 billion deal for the retailer to be acquired by TPG Capital and Leonard Green & Partners.

Amazon Threatens to Cut Ties With California Affiliates Over Tax Dispute
March 2, 2011

Amazon has threatened to sever ties with more than 10,000 affiliates in California amid a dispute with the state over proposed taxation of internet purchases. Four state proposals aimed at forcing Seattle-based Amazon to collect taxes from residents may be unconstitutional and lead to job losses, Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice president for global public policy, wrote in a letter to the California Board of Equalization.

Blockbuster to be Sold for $290 Million
February 23, 2011

Blockbuster has agreed to be purchased by a group of debt holders for as much as $290 million as part of a bankruptcy auction, according to

Americans Plan to Both Spend and Save Tax Refund Money
February 23, 2011

According to the National Retail Federation's 2011 Tax Returns Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, 13.2 percent of Americans will spend their refund on a big-ticket item. But with the economy also serving as a reminder that it’s best to be financially prepared for the worst, more people will also put their refunds away for a rainy day.

E-Commerce Surge May Hit Tax Revenue
February 21, 2011

The rapid growth in internet sales is great for online retailers, but it's bad news for state and local governments as many online purchases don’t have any sales tax attached to them. Long before the internet was on anybody’s radar, the Supreme Court ruled that states couldn’t require that retailers without a physical presence in a state, like mail-order companies, charge sales tax on their behalf.

Chinese E-Commerce Site Alibaba Reports Fraud Probe
February 21, 2011

Chinese e-commerce supplier Alibaba says two of its top executives are resigning to take responsibility after a probe discovered more 2,326 suppliers had defrauded online customers. Alibaba said in a notice this morning that its chief executive and chief operating officers, who were not implicated by the investigation, were resigning to take responsibility for the company's "breakdown in integrity."

Target Changes Corporate Donation Policy Following Political Controversy
February 18, 2011

Target has updated its corporate donation policy following a corporate review that occurred in the wake of the backlash surrounding the company’s $150,000 donation last summer to a group that ran ads supporting Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, according to the Minneapolis/St.Paul Buisness Journal.

California Stores Face Lawsuits After ZIP Code Ruling
February 17, 2011

Consumers have filed lawsuits against more than a dozen national retail chains operating in California since the state Supreme Court ruled it's illegal for clerks to ask customers for their ZIP codes.