Online Seller Who Bullied Customers Pleads Guilty
May 16, 2011

The online eyeglasses seller who terrified customers in the hopes of creating buzz about his website, and raising the profile in Google searches, pleaded guilty to two counts of sending threatening communications, one count of mail fraud and one count of wire fraud.

Target's Trademark Dispute Lands in Canadian Court
May 3, 2011

In an attempt to win exclusive rights to use its name in Canada, Target is asking a Canadian court to impose a preliminary injunction against Canadian retailer Isaac Benitah and his company, Fairweather, which owns 15 stores across Canada called Target Apparel and has a logo similar to that of Target.

Susie's Deals Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
May 3, 2011

Susie's Deals, a 70-store apparel retailer offering heavy discounts on men's, women's and children's clothing, has filed for Chapter 11 protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Riverside, Calif. after more than 35 years in business.

Overstock Acquires Naming Rights to Oakland's Stadium
May 3, 2011 has acquired the naming rights to the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum for a reported $7.2 million. The Coliseum is now known as Coliseum. The six-year deal covers the stadium facility that is home to both the NFL's Oakland Raiders and the MLB's Oakland Athletics.

An End to the Tax Holiday for Online Shoppers?
May 1, 2011

Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is about to propose sweeping legislation that would impose a tax on all online purchases in a move aimed at closing states' budget shortfalls. Durbin's bill, dubbed the Main Street Fairness Act, intends to push online retailers to collect state sales tax on items purchased out of state. For more than a decade internet shoppers have enjoyed a sales tax holiday as a result of sales tax moratoriums established in 1998 to foster growth in the digital sales business. But with e-commerce businesses like no longer fledgling entities, and with states' budget deficits growing, imposing an e-commerce sales tax has become a hot-button issue.

Hawaii Deciding How to Tax Online Shopping
April 28, 2011

Hawaii lawmakers are looking for creative ways to tax online shopping, either by requiring internet sellers to hand over customer information to the government or by enrolling in a multistate program in which websites voluntarily collect taxes.

J.Crew Sued Over Sweater
April 27, 2011

J.Crew was sued for naming its "Duquette leopard print sweater" after Tony Duquette, an interior designer known for his use of leopard print on wallpaper, fabric and furniture. Although Duquette died in 1999, his company continues to splash spots everywhere via his successor, Hutton Wilkinson, who has accused J.Crew of trademark infringement.

Google, Make Amends Over Search Tampering Issue
April 26, 2011 announced the search engine penalty enforced on it by Google in late February has been lifted. "We understand Google's position and we have made changes to remain clearly within their guidelines," said CEO Patrick Byrne.