3 Tips for Holiday Email on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
October 18, 2018 at 12:31 pm

In my last post, “Merry Email Christmas in 3… 2… 1…,” I reviewed several trends from the 2017 email season along with some macro retail influences. Notable trends affecting holiday e-commerce include the massive rise in email volume during November and December, as well as the impact of subscriber behavior on deliverability and, ultimately, holiday…

Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Holiday Emails, Part 2
October 17, 2018 at 12:09 pm

It's no secret that for most retailers, the holiday season is the biggest opportunity for growth of the year. As summarized in part one of this two-part series, the biggest driver of this growth is through email marketing. Part one of this series explains how to visually engage with subscribers, how to use promotions to…

Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Holiday Emails, Part 1
October 10, 2018 at 10:37 am

This year's holiday e-commerce sales are expected to grow by as much as 22 percent, reaching a staggering $134 billion. For most retailers, this season presents the biggest growth opportunity of the year. One of the primary avenues of potential growth is email marketing. It was reported that nearly 25 percent of 2017 Cyber Monday…

How Moments of Meaning Deliver Magical Results for Your Email Program
September 28, 2018 at 9:52 am

Your subscribers hand over their email addresses for a reason. Nobody signs up voluntarily just to be marketed to — they expect something from you in return. If you aim to get return on investment from all those acquisition investments you’ve made, then start giving your subscribers the meaningful moments they’re hoping for, starting today.…

A Merry Email Christmas in 3… 2… 1…
September 24, 2018 at 10:52 am

Ready for Christmas? No, I’m not kidding. The holidays may be a few months away, but it's not too early to start planning. My decorations may not come out until December, but after years of working in retail, I start creating gift lists and making holiday plans as soon as my kids go back to…

Personalized Emails Helping Shoe Carnival Drive Customer Loyalty
September 17, 2018 at 11:16 am

In episode 163 of Total Retail Talks, recorded at the Customer Relationship Management Conference (CRMC) in Chicago, Kent Zimmerman, vice president of digital at Shoe Carnival, discusses how the family footwear retailer is using customer data to personalize marketing communications, particularly email, helping to drive conversions and, ultimately, loyalty.

LIDS Uses AI in Email Marketing, and Other Cases for AI in Retail
September 14, 2018 at 12:14 pm

In this episode of Retail Right Now, Total Retail's Caitlin Sullivan and Joe Keenan discuss LIDS’ successful use of artificial intelligence (AI) to curate customized email lists, improving the program's open, clickthrough and conversion rates. Furthermore, an analysis of the wide variety of applications for AI in retail is presented.

LIDS Boosts Email Open, Clickthrough, Conversion Rates Using AI
August 22, 2018 at 1:39 pm

LIDS, an omnichannel retailer of hats and other athletic apparel, partnered with Salesforce and its artificial intelligence-powered Einstein solution to improve the performance of its email program. Specifically, LIDS is using Einstein to help it get more accurate insight into its subscribers’ engagement and intent, and then customizing messaging for curated lists based on the…