Content Marketing

Improve Retail Marketing With Customer-Driven Video Interaction
August 5, 2013

If you're looking for a way to grab and hold a prospect's attention online, video works better than text. According to a Wharton Research Center study, 90 percent of internet surfers leave a text-only site in four seconds, whereas if video is present on the homepage, the drop rate decreases to 60 percent, demonstrating a significant increase in stickiness for sites with video.

How Images Are Changing the Role of Social Media Marketers
July 18, 2013

With the rapid emergence of visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, brands and consumers have drastically changed the way they interact online. Conversations that were previously held with text are now driven by images, creating valuable opportunities for social media marketers to engage with their fans.

How to Localize Your Marketing Message to Reach Your Target Consumer
July 17, 2013

Like real estate, retail has always been about location, location, location. But as the demographics of the American population continue to shift, retailers have placed more emphasis on targeting specific ethnic groups based on their location and spending patterns. As such, they must rely on advanced micro-geographic technology to get better insight into the prominent ethnicities of specific neighborhoods (both current and future projections) that they're targeting for stores nationwide. Having a better understanding of in-store consumers helps drive online purchases as well.

Compete With Amazon by Creating Community
July 10, 2013

Competing with an e-commerce Goliath like can be a daunting task, but specialty merchants have some distinct advantages, including the capacity to forge strong ties with shoppers through a brand community. Amazon's online warehouse of products offers little to unite customers around a common lifestyle or passion. By focusing on a particular product category, value proposition or audience, you can provide meaningful interaction and a shopping experience to connect your customers with other like-minded consumers.

A Framework for Driving Omnichannel Loyalty
June 12, 2013

Talking about omnichannel is very fashionable for retailers nowadays. At a high level, the concepts behind providing great customer experience across channels are easy to understand. However, those in the business know that executing on a great omnichannel strategy is pretty challenging. Omnichannel retailers are acutely aware of three key trends that are heavily influencing the industry today: