Yifat Baror

Yifat Baror

Yifat Baror is the co-founder, CMO, and chief growth officer at Osa Commerce. With almost two decades of experience in E-commerce, Yifat has consistently driven global growth for omnichannel retail. Her track record includes leading GTM strategy, brand building, and high-growth teams. Yifat also founded and managed a multi-million dollar retail business that distributed contemporary brands internationally. Yifat was awarded the SDCE Executive’s 2022 Women in Supply Chain award.

Return of the Fees: How Retailers Can Reduce High Return Rates

After years of free and easy return policies, retailers are working to reduce rampant return rates. Nearly half now charge fees to offset rising costs. Popular brands like H&M, Zara, and DSW, among others, are opting to add fees to combat environmental, freight, labor and packaging costs associated with product returns. But are these punitive…

The Retail Reckoning: Navigating 2024's Transformative Trends

A perfect storm is brewing in retail, sparking a critical reckoning for industry leaders. Social commerce has exploded, digital brands have resurrected brick-and-mortar, delivery demands have intensified, and artificial intelligence is promising operational overhaul. Legacy retailers and e-commerce disruptors face an imperative: either rapidly transform business models, supply chain strategies and technological capabilities OR risk…