Yaron Morgenstern

Yaron Morgenstern

Yaron Morgenstern has been the Chief Executive Officer at Glassbox Ltd since October 2015.

Yaron served as General Manager of Financial Markets Compliance at NICE Systems. He led both the NICE Trading Floors & NICE Actimize Capital Markets Compliance groups, and was responsible for the execution of the unique Holistic Surveillance vision that combines trade and communication surveillance capabilities. Yaron oversaw product creation, solution delivery, go-to-market planning, and client relationship management activities across NICE compliance solutions. He was responsible for growing market-leading position and ensuring continuous innovation, decision making, and agility to meet the needs of financial firms around the world.

Prior to that, Yaron held the positions of Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Operations at NICE Systems. Before joining NICE Systems, he served as Director of Corporate Development & Strategy at Amdocs.

Yaron holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and MBA from Ben Gurion University in Israel.

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